Litigation Support

Personal Injury:

Raffa Consulting Economists (RCE) has had extensive experience over the past forty-two years evaluating present value losses in more than fifteen states. These cases include a wide range of personal injury matters, involving claims for the loss of past and future earning capacity; the loss of household services; the cost of future medical and related care needs; and/or the "life care needs" of an injured plaintiff. Cases involving multi-plaintiff claims, multi-option life care plans, and differential life expectancy assumptions are routinely evaluated.

Wrongful Death:

Raffa Consulting Economists has been evaluating wrongful death claims for over forty years in circuit courts in more than a dozen states as well as Federal Court. This analysis includes the present value assessment, where appropriate, of the loss of earnings (from date of injury to date of death); the loss of monetary or financial support to the survivors; the loss of the decedent's services to survivors; and if identified statutorily, the loss of inheritance or the loss of net accumulations to the estate of the decedent.

Employment Disputes:

Labor disputes can take on many forms, including matters of discrimination, unpaid over-time or other compensation, wrongful termination and constructive discharge.  The economic analysis of potential loss stemming from these claims can quickly grow complex.  Wages, salaries, performance-based bonuses, fringe benefits, non-compete agreements, out-of-pocket expenses, defined-benefit and defined-contribution pensions, and mitigation all may factor in to the present value analysis.  Dating back to graduate school, Dr. Frederick Raffa, Dr. Matthew Raffa and Dr. Edward Wolpert each possess specific educational backgrounds in the field of Labor Economics.  Through the years RCE economists have accumulated extensive experience in labor dispute matters, including meeting with counsels’ clients, gathering and managing information relevant to a claim, working with vocational specialists, computing a present-value measurement of a potential multi-year loss, and (when necessary) providing deposition and trial testimony. RCE works for both plaintiff and defense counsel, in matters ranging from single plaintiff claims, right up to class-action lawsuits with 1,000+ claimants.  

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Contract/Commercial Disputes:

Raffa Consulting Economists has a long history of providing litigation support and expert testimony in matters of complex commercial damages. Retained by attorneys representing both Plaintiffs and Defendants, alike, RCE has been involved in many high-profile cases through the years including retentions on behalf of Wal-Mart, Dollar General, Petsmart, Big Lots, DuPont, Siemens, Walt Disney, Teledyne International, Equity Residential, JP Morgan Chase, Florida Hospital, United States Golf Association, the City of Orlando, Orange County Florida, the State of Florida, and by plaintiffs in the BP-oil spill cases. Our experience in measuring damages runs the gamut from Contract Disputes, Torts, Fraud, Business Interruption, Dealer/Franchise Disputes, Construction and Crop Damages, Intellectual Property and matters involving claims of Antitrust violations. Dr. Raffa and Dr. Wolpert have both been qualified as expert witnesses by the State of Florida Judicial Circuit Court System and the U.S. Federal Court System.

Punitive Damages:

During trial proceedings that involve punitive damages, Raffa Consulting Economists has been retained to assist the trier of fact in understanding a Defendant's ability to pay a punitive award. This process involves the review of the Defendant's pertinent financial information, relying on all public disclosures and/or privately prepared reports. The focus of this analysis is on the relationship between gross revenues, operating profit (both pre and post-tax) and the retention of earnings as reflected in the balance sheet of the entity in question. The analysis provides a detailed yet simplified breakdown of the financial variables pertinent to the trier of fact's determination of the appropriate award. Our punitive damage services are provided on a coordinated consulting basis, right up to, and including, an appearance at trial for the provision of any necessary expert testimony.

Non-litigation Consulting Services

Business conditions analyses including business valuations and economic impact studies have been undertaken relative to real estate development, financial institution markets, as well as private and public sector entities.

Economic Impact Studies:

Raffa Consulting Economists has undertaken economic impact studies in matters involving both private and public sector entities. Studies include economic impact studies have been undertaken for sporting events, private schools, and a major league sports franchise.

Business Valuation:

The process of valuing a “going-concern” business entity is more than just simply applying a discount rate to a projected cash flow.  The relative strength of any business valuation comes from whether or not the appraiser has a firm understanding of both the subject company, and the underlying economic conditions within which that company operates.  The team of experienced economists at RCE know the questions to ask, and the data to gather in order to make the right determination of value.  As a result, our business valuation services provide clients with an accurate and defendable statement of value, which can then be used for anything from a pre-sale “reality” check, to an IRS filing, or even for use in a Court of Law.  Also, in the event that trial testimony is needed, our economists have experience successfully going to trial and defending our measurements in an adversarial proceeding.   







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