Pertinent Case Rulings

Value of loss of services may be calculated by what survivor would have to pay to have the work performed.

Testimony on inflationary trends is admissible

Recovery for loss of services does not require that survivor hire someone to render services.

Defines factors that may be considered in determining loss of support.

Appropriate for expert to use U.S. Department of Labor data to estimate deductions from decedent’s income for personal maintenance expenses.

Appropriate to consider that value of estate would be increased by inflation.

Basis for calculating inflation and discount rates.

Expert must separate out claim for loss of net accumulations from loss to survivors.

No Particular method is required to calculate future increase in value of decedent’s estate.

Amount awarded for loss of net accumulations to the estate based on economist’s testimony was not supported where there was no evidence of the decedent’s propensity to save of whether he had saved anything at all at the time of his death.