Employment Dispute Matters

Employment Dispute Matters


The economic analysis of a potential loss stemming from these claims can quickly grow complex. Wages, salaries, performance-based bonuses, fringe benefits, non-compete agreements, out-of-pocket expenses, defined-benefit and defined-contribution pensions, and mitigation all may factor in to the present value analysis. Dating back to graduate school, Dr. Frederick Raffa, Dr. Matthew Raffa and Dr. Edward Wolpert each possess specific educational backgrounds in the field of Labor Economics.

Through the years RCE economists have accumulated extensive experience with regard to damage claims, including any necessary testimony at trial in these labor dispute matters. RCE is retained by attorneys representing both plaintiff and defendants in matters ranging from single plaintiff claims, right up to class-action lawsuits with 1,000+ claimants.




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Frederick Raffa & Ed Wolpert

Frederick Raffa Ph.D. & Ed Wolpert Ph.D.